The Future of Responsive Typography

The future of responsive typographyTypography is the ideology behind the design and usage of various font styles to communicate some information to the user who is reading the contents of your website. The numbers of typefaces are countless and you can very well create your own too. All websites that are being designed take responsive typography as one of the main points, because the content must fit all devices and all screen sizes.

Where is the future heading?

Typography initially started from the handwritten forms, emerged into calligraphy and then grew to various different formats.  Typography being responsive is the basic necessity now. During web design, one of the main factors the designers have to keep in mind is typography.  Here are few factors that make the future of responsive typography.

Width of the paragraphs

Various websites have the problem of paragraphs that are too big in width.  The paragraphs that are big in size go out of the frame when the website is opened from other devices. This can be partly handled by the design and partly handled by the size of the contents. The best size is 40em for best readability and the websites must maintain that to support all devices and screen sizes.

The important techniques

The fonts can be loosened or tightened by using a technique called kerning. Letters can be made more neat and legible using ligature techniques. Text rendering attribute can be used in the user interface code to improve the typography of the website. There are various other attributes that can be modified to help increase readability for users.

Font usage

For proper viewing across various devices and screens, you must know the physical resolution of the type faces. There are tools available online that will help you solve these issues. You must plan a font to be used in your web design based on the purpose of the content. The header, normal content, links, etc all may have to look and respond in a different way.

The verdict

The future of everything is Internet and internet relies on websites. The rate of readability of the website determines the number of users visiting the same. The design must make sure that the width, height and other details of the font and paragraphs are pre-planned and the typography is decided based on the purpose of the content marketing. So, more care has to be taken on making your typography completely responsive.

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How to save your SEO efforts during Website Redesign


Two important things that must be concentrated on while marketing on the Internet are website and SEO. The website created for branding, business and marketing must contain content that are Search Engine Optimized so that they are listed on the first page of Google’s search results.

Website Redesign – A must

Quality and quantity content are not the only requirements for attracting people to your website. It also requires attractive and user friendly web design. The expectations and liking of the customers keep changing every now and then with changes coming I every single day. For best market results, your website must undergo a redesign every few years. The redesign must be part of the maintenance strategy. You must analyze the current trend and redesign the website accordingly. There are few things that have to be taken care while doing a website redesign without too much effort on SEO.

Check the changed content. Be sure before you change

Website redesign also involves recreating or modifying the content of the existing website.  You must perform all the tests you had performed for the earlier content like Google Analytics and other analysis on the keywords in your content. If you plan a strategy for content analysis in the website redesign phase, it will save a lot of SEO effort for you later.

Redirect your page

Plan to clear all the URLs that are not working or that create a junk on your actual URL structure. During the website redesign, you must concentrate on clearing all the junk in your website that might be stopping users from reaching you. Create a 301 redirect from your old URL to the new one and make sure you don’t change the URL completely. Changing it completely spoils the friendship that your URL has with Google.

Careful with your test site

When you are redesigning your website you will have two versions of the same website. You must take care that your website doesn’t attract Google and get indexed as it will create lot of confusions. Take all measures to password protect your site and do everything to keep the site to yourself till the redesign gets completed.

Website redesign is a very important part of website maintenance. You must keep your website on par with the trend and customer interests. The redesign must ensure a different look, feel, user friendliness and improved, Search Engine optimized content.

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The Importance of Great Web Design to Small Businesses

If you are beginning a small business and you think spending time and money on online marketing is a waste of time, then you are sure to lose. Web design is an important factor not only for big businesses but also the small budding ones. The first thing you must plan when you think of marketing is a responsive web design. A web design that is attractive and is compatible on all devices lets the user feel comfortable in getting to know more about your company and the products.

Web Design for Small Business


Why is a good web design important?

This world and its time are running in and around the internet now. From baby rhymes to elderly advises, everything and everyone use the Internet. So now a website has become the first necessary factor for a business, big or small. Here are few reasons why we have to put a separate strategy on web designing.

Reaches a lot of people

The biggest advantage of a website with a good web design is that, it is sure to reach a real lot of people. The number of people who will look at your website is never a constant number; the graph is always steep growing more and more. It keeps growing and growing because there are new people every moment who are looking for some information they want on the internet.

No closing time

You never have to close your shop. Yes! It is online; the website you host is available 24 hours all through the year. It saves the hassle of opening and closing shops and missing customers because of that. Any customer from any part of the world can view your website at their time.

You save a lot

Marketing online and using websites for you business is the most cost effective way when compared to conventional types of marketing. You can save the cost of setting up a shop and spending on its electricity. You can sell the products based on your demand pattern from users.

Small businesses that use websites for marketing provide a great platform to begin and let you compete equally with big businesses. All you need is a very good web design and a well planned online marketing strategy. Using a website creates a sustainable relationship with the customer. The customer also feels comfortable and at ease through proper customer support that you will provide through your attractive web design.

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Web design trends that will rule in New Year 2015

A good web design invites lot of visitors and creates more revenue. The design of a website differs based on the purpose of the website and the type of audience who will be visiting the website. The interests and attractions of people change often. You have to spend ample amount of time planning the design for your website.



What is 2015 expecting
With everything becoming online these days, customers expect attractive as well as user friendly designs on a website. There are various factors that must be taken care while creating a design for your website especially in the year coming up 2015. These factors are based on various researches and surveys that are available on the Internet.

Appearance of the website
The first impression every user gets online is based on the appearance of the website, so you must be selecting a very attractive design for your website, with very good back grounds, appealing colors, video backgrounds or anything that suits the purpose of your websites.

Navigation menus
You must take care that the navigation in your website must be user friendly. There are various preset styles like drop downs, menu tiles, etc. It must be clear for the user to navigate to the page of their choice.

The latest style in scrolling is the “endless” type. More data gets loaded as and when you scroll. So the pagination style is old and people do not prefer that anymore. More scrolling means more flexibility, and more sticking to your website.

Interactive websites
Interactive websites are welcomed by customers now. Surveys show that interactive websites are often visited by customers. Interactions can be created by connecting microphones, cameras, playing sounds and creating contents as a story based on users visits.

Personal Branding and Product detailing
The website must show also be attached to the company branding as good as the product. Branding makes the customers remember the website in association with the company. Branding can be done with the help of colors, fonts, images, videos and verses.

Another important factor is the details and clarity you present on the website about the product. The more clear your product details and images are more often will your customers get back to you. There are various ways like showing a 360 view, quick view, color changing, etc that can add up to detailing your product.

Mobile Support and other details
Out of all the designs you provide including obvious typography, images, videos, graphs and maps, make sure your website is mobile friendly. There are various tools, including one of Google’s, that clearly tell you if your website is compatible for mobile devices or not.

The trends are changing often and this year 2015, the expected top web design trend move around flat design, big fonts, high quality images, quality content, etc.

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Why 2015 might be your best year for online marketing?

2015 might be your best year for online marketing

Marketing is the heat of every growing business now. Every website you visit, you will find so many advertisements flashing on the sides or top of the page. All the social networking sites you visit have a dedicated area on their page that is allocated for advertisements. Online marketing has been abundantly growing since the last five years. What this year 2015 has for online marketing is almost very obvious. Continue reading “Why 2015 might be your best year for online marketing?” »

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