Offshore Outsourcing

What is Outsourcing?

When any business house with a view to enthuse ongoing internal business process, contracts outs business process for increasing its business activities either within the country or outside the country, the practice is known as out sourcing.  Offshore outsourcing has not only become a common feature in these days, it is a rapid growing practice all over the world, because the companies are tremendously under pressure to get products or services through offshore sources without compromising to the quality while remaining cost effective. Since the domain of outsourcing include both domestic and foreign contracting, we are well aware that Offshore Outsourcing is the ultimate craze for all the business houses for the following reasons:

  1. Offshore Outsourcing offers greater budget control flexibility,
  2. It benefits the company in terms of certain types of costs,
  3. Some companies avoid high energy costs, higher taxes, burdensome regulations and many unreasonable costs attached with labor, government and such type.

Why Gracias Dios?

We at, Gracias Dios, understand the intricacies of purpose of Offshore Outsourcing, where greater physical distance between the outsourcing company and the outsourced company has several issues to address. We take care of technology assimilation such as instant messaging service, Voice over IP service, New time Management Methods with the help of Time Tracking software, in addition to new schedule and cost assessment tools and by harnessing Cost Estimation software, Issue tracking systems to facilitate the outsourcing company with the advantage of communication with their far flung outsourced companies across the world.

What distinguishes us from our competitors?

Our quality of service distinguishes us from many, and so, all our customers’ questionnaires reflect about their unbiased views. Our language skill in our call center services, particularly in our end-user-experience is enviably of higher quality, which is often found to be of low-quality in all our competitors. The practicality is evident when outsourcing is combined with off-shoring to regions. According to our experience in many regions, the cultures and first language differ in a great way. We carefully plug in the holes. We are very serious about the linguistic features such as phraseology, word use, and accents etc. which all come in the way of comprehending the foreign tones. To make it very effective we take note of all the visual clues those are not available in the telephonic calls leading to difficulties and misunderstandings.

We have the full knowledge of the differences between offshore out sourcing and offshoring. Keeping both in our booty we can deliver the systems to both types of customers. Our services include BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), ITO (Information Technology Outsourcing), Offshore software development under our service category of Software R&D, KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing). We employ telework, which needs deployment of high information content. Our services through Gracias Dios,  in the field of Offshore Outsourcing is sure to help the firms to come out with better performances in mitigating shortage of skills as well as in the firms’ core competencies, while boosting their areas of expertise as they want to outperform their competitors.