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The essence of every website is tagged with their creativity that can be developed to reflect upon the quality and the precision incorporated within the site and the consequence of it get beamed out of it in equal proportion. We believe that Search Engine Optimization is the craftsmanship of etching the capacity and the role of an organization in such a way that the company can elevate its image across the globe and can bag in valuable customers. Any successful Internet Marketing campaign must be built on planning and launching high quality web pages so that it can persuade and also engage the targeted audience, set up analytical programs that can empower the website owners to scale the search result position and, if needed, improve the conversion rates of the site.

 The important facts that Gracias Dios care’s for

As search engines do not charge for any organic search, they change their algorithm. That means no web site can claim the gala of repeated referrals. Why we talk about this naked truth is our conscious mind knows the difficulties of many website owners, other than our valuable customers that depending upon search engines’ algorithm is never a wise decision. Many, other than our valuable customers, have suffered innumerable loses for the search engines’ this type of policies. The websites that blindly depend upon the usual algorithm may not know that the placement of the website, the diversion of traffic and blockage of sending visitors are the unknown facts in this SEO matters. The matter is further proved from the statement of Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google’s, that Google had changed its algorithm 500 times during 2010, that comes to be 1.5 times in a day at regular interval.  We liberate website owners from depending on search engine traffic chaos, emanating from this changing algorithm, by the alternative means, so that they can persist atop in their positions in the search engines.


Penguin & Panda Experts

We are proficient in Google’s “Penguin and Panda” algorithm. In its continuous gesture to help the users Google provides its users good experience by employing time to time different types of techniques at regular intervals. Google’s ‘Panda’ algorithm, introduced on 2011 and further upgraded on April 2012, used to down rank websites with poor user experiences. It was actually the upgraded version of ‘Black-Links’ or ‘web spam’, were in use much earlier. The top most search engines like Google assigns a numerical weight through its updated algorithm to be applied to various elements of a web page. The latest update in the “Penguin technique”, released on 5th October 2012, are meant for detecting decrement in search engine rankings off those websites that violate the Webmaster Guidelines of Google by the use of black-hat techniques that involve cloaking, deliberately creating duplicate content, key word staffing, participate in link scheme and such like ‘black-hat techniques’.  According to Google, Penguin can affect search quires by approximately 3.1% in English, while languages like Arabic, Chinese or any ‘highly spammed’ languages can be affected up to 3%. We can bring back the rankings of the websites who got affected with penguin and panda.